Simultaneous 1 to 12 colors Screen Printing meets your demand!

Screen Printing example on 12-color unit with associates display of finished t-shirt.

​Full Service Screen Printing

We’re structured to handle quick turn-arounds in both low and high quantities as well as long, high production runs. We have 12-color screen printing units supported by additional single and multi-color units to handle a multiple projects simultaneously.

We’re an apparel decorator specializing in wholesale t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, jerseys, caps and corporate and employee wearables. Special printing includes tote bags, umbrellas, jackets, hoodies, shorts, slacks, aprons, spirit towels, backpacks, gloves — our product applications are almost endless. 

Depending on your need we’ll print using:

  • Simulated Process
  • 4 Color Process
  • Index Screen Printing
  • Foil Screen Printing
  • Metalic Inks
  • Plasitsol Inks

Up to 12 colors are available on dark, light colored and white materials including cotton, cotton blends, Nyon, and a wide range fabrics suitable for casual wear to high-performance sportswear and work clothes.

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