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Graphic examples of Chenille patches, letters, numbers, and logos in combination with embroidery.

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Chenille – Stand-Alone or Combine with Embroideery

Chenille, long a traditional “Letterman’s” jacket patch or patch for the school jacket remains an image Mart apparel decorator main-stay that when combined with embroidery becomes a multi-dimensional solution for the highest quality emblems, insignias, logos, letters, numbers and names.

Chenille is ideal for custom designs, and it is ideal for Image Mart’s craftsman who are specialists in transforming your designs using a blend of materials and textures with custom stitching and fine embroidery. 

Select our Chenille patches, favorites for all school activities from football, basketball, cheerleading, and marching bands to school and military drill teams, to clubs, organizations and business groups. Chenille patches reflect the wearer’s merit and give distinctive, fitting recognition to their uniforms, jackets and blazers, even motorcycle jackets.

View our Chenille Price List and place an order using the online downloadable, fillable order form. Together, we’ll help the team or club stand out with high quality Tackle Twill patches. Together, we’ll help the team or club stand out with distinctive, multi-dimensional Chenille patches. 

Also see our Tackle Twill Patches for durable, long-lasting professional quality team names, numbers, and letters.

About Chenille 

Chenille is the French word meaning “caterpillar” and this soft fuzzy yarn has a hairy caterpillar-like appearance. Chenille yarn is produced using cotton, acrylic, rayon and olefin. The yarn is made by spinning lengths yarns between two twisted core yarns.

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